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Attention has been directed to the problems of young drivers.  Based on national statistics, young drivers engage in dangerous driving behaviors more than any other driving group.  The studies have pointed to some of these behaviors as speeding, not paying attention, operating faulty equipment, listing to loud music, driving while under the influence of alcohol or illicit drugs, use of electronic equipment, failing to use seat belts, distractions inside the vehicle, and socializing with peers while driving.  Studies have also found that young drivers typically make simple operational mistakes, including: not watching the car ahead, improper evasive actions, employing improper driving techniques, inadequate defensive driving techniques, making false assumptions, improper maneuvers, overestimating driving skills, lack of attention to the roadway conditions, driving to fast for roadway conditions and failing to adjust for wet roadway surfaces.  Young drivers have been found to not allow enough time to detect and assess roadway hazards, and the concomitant level of risk.  The underestimating of risk is due to the driver not noticing or understanding potential hazards and overestimating their own physical capabilities.  This combination results in the driver failing to appreciate a potentially dangerous roadway situation.