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Collision Between Passenger and Train

Train Operator Focus - Enter station and stopping to discharge and pick-up passengers

Chance encounter - A chance of encountering a track incursion resulting in a collision between passenger and train

Observing the right-of-way - Train operator needs to observe the track and the platform to determine if there are any obstructions or potential obstructions

Event expectation - Make the unexpected event less unexpected

Predictable and lawful - Train operators usually operate in a predictable and lawful manner

Long hard work-day - Ending a long busy day of working

Focus of attention - Problem with consuming a limited cognitive resource

Operator expertise - Emergency training of the train operator is essential

Memory can be faulty - Memory depends both on what actually happened and how one makes sense of what has actually happened

Recorded memory - If memory worked like a video recording all accident reports (witness reports) would be identical

Accident Report - Written documentation as soon as practicable after a tragic event provides the best possible record of what actually happened